5 Tahun Anniversary Cyber Malang

5 Tahun Anniversary Cyber Malang


5 Tahun Anniversary Cyber Mall 28 Oktober 2019

•A Culture Reborn•

MC By : Kelly Manni

Dance By : Frans Dance Studio

Fashion Show By :

-Andre Modelling School

-Versus Model Agency

-Athena Model Agency

Wardrobe Design By :

-Yna Brides (Komunitas Usaha Kreatif Jawa Timur)

-Alinda Purnomo (Modiste Indonesia Raya)

-Herni Haryani (Derafi)

-Erna Wijaya (Erna Wijaya)

-Putri Mutitya (Mutitya Home Sewing And Production)

Band By :

-Orbit Band

-Fabulous Band

Guitar Performance By : -Nug Music Course

Cosplay By : -Cosmo

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